• 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Publishing On Social Media


    Haven’t we all, at some point, gone through the nail-bitting regret of having posted something on social media that literally made us consider deleting our social media page and exiling ourselves to the deepest corner of a cold, dark room from where we would never emerge again? While those adolescent years of social media were filled with tons of mistakes that people made on a regular basis as either individuals or brands, it wasn’t entirely their fault. No one explained the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of social media to them. You can’t expect to know all the etiquettes of social media posting overnight now, can you? While individuals and brands continue to use social media to its fullest, there is one common mistake that each one of us make – posting updates without reviewing them first!

    3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Publishing On Social Media


    When was the last time you paused for a moment before hitting that “Post”, “Share” or “Tweet” button and actually reviewed what you’re about to share on the vast realm of social media? Whether you have a dozen or a million followers, no one can take back what they’ve posted on social media and deleting what you’ve already published won’t do you any good either. If you think no one saw it, then you’re sorely mistaken. Someone may have taken a screen-shot already. People do not refrain when it comes to mudslinging.

    Be it an update or a comment, there are 3 questions you should ask yourself if you do not want to pull your hair out in anxiety at the end of it. They are –

    1. Why are you publishing this?
    Is it an outburst of frustration, anger or an overwhelming feeling of appreciation or gratitude? Whatever it maybe, anything that is published online should be done once you’ve given yourself sufficient time to regain composure. The general idea is to trigger emotion through a post and not post with triggered emotions.

    2. How will your audience respond?
    There are many things we should calculate before we publish something online, one of them is your audience’s reaction. If you cannot come to a conclusion about how your audience will respond then publishing that particular content is definitely not a good idea. Will your published content garner the desired response? Will it trigger any emotion? Will it make them want to comment, like, retweet or share? Think about these things before you hit that button.

    3. Would you share this in front of an actual audience?
    Although social media feels like a private affair, it certainly isn’t. Picture yourself reciting your content to a large audience in an auditorium. Would you do it? If the answer is no then you shouldn’t go ahead with it. Be comfortable and proud of what you share so much so that you’d be willing to share it in person with an actual audience.

    Not everyone can know everything especially in the vast, ever-changing, ever-evolving realm of social media. A few simple precautions as the ones mentioned above could actually prevent the dreaded “worst-case-scenario”.

    Did we miss out on any pointers? Have you come across any mistakes made on social media? Do share them with us!

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