• 4 Important Ways How SEO Works: Newbies and Pros


    Have you been considering Search Engine Optimization as a part of your marketing strategy? Even though you may require many other things for an effective SEO campaign, here are some basic points that might help you understand how to make the most out of SEO

    4 Important Basics of SEO for Newbies and Pros


    Role of user experience in SEO –
    Offering relevant content is what SEO focuses on. It aims at providing users with what they want to know rather than just an attractive website. Even though an appealing page is important, the emphasis should be on ensuring that the user finds relevant content. It is essential to understand that most users come with an intention to either buy something, know something or go somewhere which your website needs to fulfill. SEO works towards providing the best user experience.

    How significant is link building?
    Link building is an extremely important aspect of SEO. You need to understand that links are a ranking signal. Google considers good quality links to rank websites on search results and levies penalties on ones that have bad links. Having good quality inbound links is extremely essential to have your page march up its position on search engine rankings. Quantity of links should be given higher priority over quantity. It is important to have links coming from authority sites that are relevant to your page or business. When Google sees that your page is linked to other relevant, popular websites, it naturally considers your page to be trustable, giving you priority while ranking for search results. Adhering to proven content marketing strategies can help you earn links.

    How to decide a Title Tag?
    Once you are done with the top two, the next thing you need to focus on is the title tag. Search engines consider the title tag, which is an HTML element while indexing a page. Users can view this when they see your website on search results. It should indicate what the user can find on the page. For a good tag, user your primary keyword, secondary keyword, brand name at the end and frame it only under 60 characters. Keep it simple and easy for the users to understand the context. Avoid keyword stuffing at all times.

    Remember – Content is King
    The most crucial part – Content is King. No matter what steps you take for the SEO of your website, you need to always have this in mind. Having everything else in place without good quality content is not going to do any good for your page. If the debate is between content or technical aspect, both are equally important as a website may not rank well even if one of them is missing.

    SEO is a vast field and is connected to your online presence. It represents your success and can transform your business into a renowned brand.

    Eric Garner
    Eric began his career as a Waltz instructor at a dance school. When he was introduced to Facebook by a friend, he shifted his career line. Since then, he has thoroughly involved himself into a vast network of social media users. As a Creative Artist, he has taken his business to a whole new level. Even now, he occasionally visits his school and there is hardly anyone who doesn't recognize him!

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