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    It has been proven repeatedly that blogging certainly has a special role to play in promoting a brand. You would have repeatedly heard for your blogging efforts to be successful you need to create top-class content and if you have quality content, people will automatically come. While it is true that good quality blog articles attract crowd, until people know that you have a solid blog with excellent content, you do need to promote your blog aggressively and every post has to be taken vehemently to your target audience only then you can sell your blog even if it is going to have the best posts possible in the given niche. This article shares with you five proven strategies to promote your blog posts.

    #1 Social media – When it comes to promoting one’s content the first thing that comes to our 5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts SEOAcademy mind is the social media platforms. With several million of active users and millions of daily visitors, social media platforms are indeed one of the best places to showcase your latest blog posts. However, you need to understand that for social media to work for your blog promotion needs, you should already have a strong network attached to your business page or your social media account. If you open an account today in the social media sites and start promoting your blog posts tomorrow it is unlikely that it will be a big success. First you need to promote your social media profiles and do some ground work and the benefits of your efforts can be reaped only when you have built powerful social media presence and not otherwise. So before you start blogging get going with your social media profile building.

    #2 Special attention to LinkedIn groups – LinkedIn receives a special attention here. LinkedIn being a professional social networking platform, you can get your content directly to the influencers in your niche by paying special attention to this platform. Create LinkedIn groups and join other LinkedIn groups. Share your latest blog posts in the LinkedIn groups. If you have amazing content, you can even get your posts shared but more than being shared, you will get the attention of people that matter the most for your brand if you have professional networking in mind. It will also help you project an authoritative image in your niche market.

    #3 Social bookmarking – Social bookmarking is probably one of the simplest promotional efforts that you will be taking but when you make adequate number of social bookmarks, your blog posts will gain adequate visibility and you will be able to attract targeted traffic to your blog posts. When you get like-minded people to visit your blog, your posts are likely to be shared as well by them.

    #4 Create an infographic, pin it in Pinterest, and share in social media – This of course is a long shot but it does have a very good impact. You will not only be able to get good traffic to your blog posts but you will also be able to enhance your brand visibility through this strategy. Create a visually appealing infographic and promote it online.

    #5 Opt-in list and existing contacts – Do not underestimate the power of your existing contacts whether it is your Whatsapp group, Facebook network, Twitter followers or people that are in your opt-in list, these readily marketable platforms that you should take advantage of. Do not forget to mail your latest blog post link with a snippet to your existing contact. How many ever recipients respond, it is still an additional traffic to your blog. Every single visitor that comes to your blog is important because you never know who gets to see your posts and how your posts would inspire them.

    Most importantly, you need to be patient while making consistent promotional efforts to get your blog posts across to your target audience. It helps to create posts that have lasting value because, if you create posts that are time sensitive and sensational, then before it reaches the target audience, the sensations may subside. So at least initially when you are still getting your fort built with substantial content and until you become an authoritative source keep to content that have evergreen value.

    Born on the 3rd of August, Adam just knows how to take pride in everything he does. As a Social Media Designer, he has contributed to success of several businesses by creating intriguing content for their social media presence. Adam has always been praised for his dedicated contribution in the world of online media and failures have not been able to bring him down.

One thought on “5 Best Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

  1. Nelson Dy

    Great post! These days most people especially teenagers have social media. Everyday scrolling, taking pictures, sharing photos and many more. It is obvious that you need to blend in…. Yes blend in! Promote your product, website or business to them. But remember it must be legit it must look legit I mean. It is important to review your blog post or how you share your blogs.


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