• 5 Efficient Ways to Reduce and Fix a Higher Bounce Rate on Your Website


    What good does it make if your website has decent every day hits but no conversions? You might be losing potential clients who could have made a purchase or subscribed or would have just downloaded en eBook on your website. The reason could be higher bounce rates on your website. Bounce rate is nothing but the number of visitors who leave your website after visiting a page. If you have a Google Analytics account, it could show you what your websites bounce rate are? Each page has its own bounce rate but your home is the first page on your site you need to worry about.

    Here are five simple steps which could bring down your bounce rate considerably

    #1. Overpopulated Homes Pages:

    A home page is the first page of the site and you make sure it is super clean, and easy to navigate to other pages of your website. An unclean, over populated page with lots of call to action, offers, download buttons make seem tricky to visitors. Clean up your homepage, make the navigation clean and build a strategy around content to make it appealing enough for the visitors to stay much longer.

    #2. Wrong Keywords:

    One single wrong keyword can make a huge difference. Maybe the visitor accidently landed on your webpage. Well, this could happen if your webpage has wrong or unwanted keywords for which Google sends you visitors. A proper research on the keywords when combined with the right content can bring in visitors who are just looking for services like yours.

    #3. Page Load Time:

    Test your website for page speed on Getmetrix or Pingdom and see how your website performs. If it’s below average, then you should consider a better design with lesser graphics and good content. Take use of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to make your site load faster. We are in the age of Fiber and Optical Internet era and your website should not take more than a couple of seconds to load.

    #4. Create Compelling Content:

    Complement your webpages with compelling content to make the user get fixed on to your website. Nothing beats content and it is still the King when it comes to SEO. Hire professional SEO article experts to write appealing and interesting content to make your visitors stay longer.

    #5. Take care of Typography:

    Ask your friends and family to read your webpages. Especially people of the age group you are targeting. Collect opinions about the typography and fonts used and the difficulty levels in reading the text on your website. Smaller, subtle contrasting color and hard to read fonts are not signs of good web design. Poor reading conditions can also drive away visitors from your website in no time.

    Take time to carefully analyze your website from head to toe. If it all sounds foreign to you, hire a professional SEO consultant to do it for you. It’s worth the money and you will never regret doing so Inspect all elements discussed here and those you feel might be driving away your visitors.

    Simple tweaks to your website can pull up your visitor graph in days.

    Martin Brown is the Marketing Executive of Top SEO Rankers based in New York. Top SEO Rankers evaluates and lists the top Digital Marketing firms and also gives SEO service providers a direct channel for prospective leads to find them.

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