• 5 Tips to Design a Social Media Campaign


    It is an undeniable fact that most people prefer using social media for marketing their brands, products or services. While having a good marketing strategy on Social Media is important, one should not ignore it as an effective channel for Campaigns. Social Media Campaign is one of the easiest ways to maintain rapport with the customers. Establishing a day-to-day plan regarding what has to be done along with a strong team is important for any successful Social Media Campaign. Mentioned below are 5 core elements one needs for a successful social media marketing campaign.

    5 Tips to Design a Social Media Campaign

    • Put Together A Capable Team
    A breath of fresh air is always good and so is giving an opportunity to the younger staff! They are with the freshest ideas and are active on social media as well. However, do not forget that social media marketing holds some specific requirements like, writing and editing, photo editing, a little technical knowledge and being able to respond in real time. If the team concedes with all the above mentioned criteria, it can be a great team to go ahead with.

    • Plan the Entire Campaign
    Whether it is a launch of a new product, location or bringing in new business partners, social media marketing campaigns are known to play a vital role in a company’s life. Social Media is a cornerstone of your success as anytime you want to communicate goals or generate buzz you turn to it. However, for all of this a tactical plan is essential.
    Plan the campaign according to your objectives. Introduce these objectives to your audience and guide them towards the action.

    • Choose Various Effective Social Media Platforms
    There are a number of social media platforms but not all of them are effective. A recent start-up might not find ample time to run a campaign or even be active on all platforms. Moreover, what works well for one company might not well work for the others. To choose the most effective platform for your campaign, understand on which platform your audience is active the most. Later build choose this platform and work dedicatedly.
    You can also look where your competitors are active, while choosing the right media network.

    • Launch an Editorial Calendar
    Print publishers are seen using editorial calendars for ages and their usefulness has never dwindled. These calendars help you leverage content across media, streamline resources, drive internal teamwork and stay focused on the needs of your audience. You are ahead in the game if you already have an editorial system in place.

    • Keep Your Company’s Voice Clean
    When your target audience or followers read or listen to the content you produce, they are not only following your message but also hearing the voice of your company. Your tone, language and delivery of the message, matters and affects your company’s name. Each time they hear your company’s voice, they make a subconscious choice of whether they can rely on you & do business with you.

    Whether you are a small start-up or a major company, successful long-term campaigns are not built in a day’s time. A capable team that can drive the project with careful planning and execution is required.

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