• 6 Free SEO Tools to Improve your Website Search Engine Rankings


    Do you want effective search engine optimization for your website without spending on a professional? If yes, then a few free SEO tools can help. If you want your site to be completely optimized, using just one tool may not be enough. To look at various aspects, use at least a few of them to have everything in your page covered.

    6 Free SEO Tools to Improve your Website Search Engine Rankings

    Here are 6 useful free tools that can make you aware of alterations required and help improve rankings –

    • How do you know which keyword can fetch you maximum visitors?

    Google trends
    You can find this out with the help of Google trends which is a tool that can be used to compare the popularity of searched keywords. It gives you an idea of the latest search trends and what is becoming popular to help optimize your site for these keywords. This can bring up the ranking of your page.

    • Do you want to know how search engines view your website?

    With this, you get to know as to how search engines look at your site. You can see how the page looks without styles, headers, images or fonts, showing it on a basic level. It emphasizes on portions of the site which are important for SEO. You do not need to download or install anything. Just enter the URL and get all this information, based on which you can make the necessary modifications.

    • Finding it tough to figure out SEO issues faced by your website?

    Screaming Frog
    This tools scans through your website and looks for the drawbacks on the page related to SEO. It scrolls through for broken links, missing metadata, duplicate pages. It also checks for oversized files and pictures, internal links and so on. This is a kind of an SEO audit, the results of which can be used to improve the efficiency of the site, getting it rid of problems.

    • Is your website load speed good enough?

    Page speed is one important aspect search engines consider and a slow load speed can affect your SEO ranking. GTmetrix can help with checking the load speed. All you have to do is enter your URL into this site. It immediately provides data including page speed score and methods to better it which can be implemented for quicker loading of all or just selected slow pages.

    • Do you want to know where you stand in SERPs?

    Rank Checker
    This tool gives you an idea of where you stand in terms of search engine rankings. Not only this, it provides tips on how you can increase this position. It is possible to install a button on your toolbar to check information at anytime.

    • Is your website smartphone ready?

    Responsive design checker
    Search engines favor websites that appear and perform well on all devices. this tool highlights the way visual elements of your page responds to various screen sizes, letting you know the appearance of the page on varied devices and screen sizes.

    All these tools are a great way to ensure that your website creates a good impression with popular search engines, which in turn can bring about higher rankings.

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