• 9 Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter


    Mistakes are universal, everyone makes them. While some mistakes can be rectified, there are some that always come back to haunt you. Mistakes can vary significantly from something as simple as using salt instead of sugar while making a cup of tea to accidentally posting some obscene or unwanted content to one of your social media platforms. No matter how many mistakes you choose to make, always avoid the latter. Mistakes made on social media often last longer than you’d expect them to. Whether you’re trying to build a dedicated audience or establish yourself as an authority in your niche, remember, a single tweet can make or break your brand.

    9 Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter


    Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs on Twitter!

    1. Not Engaging Your Followers
    Have you ever come across someone who could go on for hours and hours talking about themselves and their accomplishments? While narcissism could be well received as a sign of self-confidence, on Twitter, it could very well lead to your downfall, much like Narcissus himself. Being self-absorbed is the last thing you want to do on Twitter. Always make it a point to respond to tweets aimed at you. Acknowledge your fans and reply to them. It will help you build a good relationship with your followers and create a positive brand image… Unless you want to drown in a pool of your own reflection.

    2. Over-Tweeting
    Much close to the previous point, this too can do more harm than good. Although it’s true that the more you tweet, the more engagement you get but keep in mind that anything done in excess will only harm you. Posting many tweets in a day or even in the short span of an hour is just as bad as overeating. You not only jam your followers’ feeds but also invoke their ire which can result in an immediate “unfollow” or god forbid a permanent “block”. Keep your tweeting to a minimal. Remember the wise saying – “Less Is More”.

    3. Being Inconsistent
    Making guest appearances on Twitter is another common mistake that brands make. Publishing at least one tweet a day should be a priority. If you’re inconsistent with your tweets then your followers will give up on you and you’ll not only miss out on a lot of user engagement but a good brand building opportunity as well.

    4. Disappearing From The Face of Twitterverse
    Remember the saying – “Out of sight, out of mind”? This applies not only to Twitter but any other social media platform as well. With so many other entertaining brands and individuals in the Twitterverse, it is easy for your followers to forget about you if you go dormant. Be regular, stay in sight and never miss an opportunity to interact.

    5. Auto-Posting
    Auto-posting is as bad as an incorrect weather forecast. While scheduling your tweets may save you time but it deprives you of the opportunity to stay current and use trending topics to boost user engagement.

    6. Leaving In a Hurry
    While tweeting regularly is a healthy habit, you should follow it up with another crucial ritual – staying on Twitter for at least 10 minutes after you have published your tweet. Whether you’ve retweeted something or replied to another post, always wait for a while to check if there is any response. The first 10 minutes can bring you the most amount of engagement as your tweet is still fresh. A tweet is like freshly cooked food and not many people prefer eating their food cold, unless you’re eating some delicious vichyssoise.

    7. Being Consistently Boring
    Most brands and individuals keep posting the same tweet at least once a week. Even if they’re not identical, their nature is usually the same. This includes links to blogs or using the same template for all your images. Try something different, add a little bit of variety to your fonts and experiment with different colors while preparing images. Try changing the nature of your tweets as well. Avoid sharing links all the time. Get a little personal if you have to and interact with your followers. Just keep things interesting. Don’t be a gramophone that keeps playing the same or similar tunes over and over again.

    8. Never Posting Visual Content
    Visual content is the backbone of social media. Most people prefer visual content over text. By not incorporating visual content such as images, videos and infographics into your tweets, you’re missing out on grabbing the attention of your followers. Create infographics, images and share videos that you think are suitable for your brand.

    9. No Call-To-Action
    When you need help, do you just sit and wait for it? You request for it, don’t you? The key to garnering user engagement lies in a simple call-to-action. Ask your followers a question. Although, avoid questions such as “How was your day?” or “How’s the weather?” Try something substantial instead. Try a riddle. Social media is all about interaction. So be interactive and post something that will get you interaction.

    At the end of it, make sure that you are providing something meaningful to your followers. Think about what they’re getting out of this. Also remember to ask yourself, “Would my followers Retweet or Favorite this?” before hitting that “Tweet” button.

    Did we miss out on any mistakes? Do let us know!

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