• How To Create The Perfect Facebook Post


    Creating a post on Facebook can be nerve-racking at times. With questions such as – “is this the right post” or “will my audiences like this” – looming over your head, you can feel a little hard-pressed. Fear not! We have some pointers that will aid you in framing the Perfect Facebook Post!

    How To Create The Perfect Facebook Post

    We agree that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ on social media and that perfection may not exist at all but these pointers will surely help you get the outcome you (and the rest of the world) desire.

    1. As Always – Good Content Is King!
    People on Facebook are highly enthusiastic about posts which involve humor or inspiration. Posts which exude positivity garner the most likes and engagement. Positivity not only yields huge rewards in real life but also on social media. Nobody likes a negative nancy.

    Another great way to draw a user’s attention is to ask simple questions. For heaven’s sake don’t ask them questions such as “How was your day?” or “What did you eat today?” Try something substantial instead.

    Do ensure that your content isn’t too long. Just because there is no character limit on Facebook doesn’t mean you can abuse it. With great character length, comes great responsibility. Try keeping your post upto 80 characters. Get straight to the point or you will lose the attention of your audiences.

    2. Everybody Loves Links
    Never ever skip out on posting a link which will lead your audiences to the source of your content. Posting an update without a link won’t get you anywhere. While your content acts as a teaser, let your link do the rest of the talking. Links allow you to give your audiences more information and it’s a great way to direct traffic to your website or your blog. You could also avoid shortening your links to show your readers where the content is coming from (it’s just an option, not a hard and fast rule).

    3. Time Is Of The Essence.
    The key to online success is knowing when your audiences are online, especially if you have a global audience. You can find out the exact time frame of your audiences through Facebook analytics. Do the math and post accordingly.

    4. Add Visuals
    No post is complete without visuals. Visuals could include a photo, a video, or even a link preview that is automatically generated from Facebook when you attach a link to a post. Without visuals, your audiences might just scroll past your post without any consideration. Who’d like an update without visuals anyway?

    5. Start Engaging
    Get conversations started, interact and respond to your audiences. That’s what you wanted, right? Never miss an opportunity to converse with your audiences. While doing so, try to sound as human as possible. Speak to them as you would with your best friend. A little wit and humor never hurt anybody. They will love you for it! It will convince them that there’s a human behind the brand and not a robot.

    With everything said and done, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the best Facebook post ever!

    Hope we didn’t miss out on any valuable pointers to make the ‘Perfect’ Facebook Post. If we did, do let us know!

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