• Introduction of New Bidding Tools Target ROAS and CPA


    With Google coming up with new tools and applications every now and then, a recent introduction or addition has been done for target opt-in recommendations and Target CPA Simulator. These are basically two bidding tools that have been launched by Google earlier this Monday. The main aim of these tools is to enhance the real time bid automation in AdWords. If you have been willing to improve your performance in ad auctions, you can achieve it when you opt for these tools. These tools are used in order to optimize your performance goals all across the campaigns, keywords and also ad groups.

    Introduction of New Bidding Tools Target ROAS and CPA

    It is wise to know that each of the bidding tools prove beneficial in the long run. Before considering any of the bidding tools, it is wise to take a closer look on each one of them:

    Target Opt-In Recommendations
    As the name suggests, this bidding tool helps you choose the right performance target which is needed to be set up before getting an automated bid strategy for target CPA. Once the campaigns are selected, for which you need to apply the bid strategy, a recommendation is offered by Google. The recommendation is performance target based on the real Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or (ROAS) Target Return on Ad Spend. This further helps in maintaining the CPA or ROAS performance. The automated bid strategy optimizes in order to boost the conversion at a similar target. The main aim of this is to maintain a great performance whilst bidding engine optimizes.

    Target CPA Simulator
    The second bidding tool called as Target CPA simulator is specifically designed for advertisers. This tool assists professional advertisers and eliminates the conversion impact of adjusting the target CPA. It offers estimation of conversions when you adjust the target CPA. This tool proves beneficial in the long run. It helps you see the conversions you might lose if you decreased the target CPA. Apart from this, it also offers details on increasing or boosting the target.

    The following example can provide clarity:
    If the current target CPA of $9 offers around 740 conversions in last week when you use the target CPA simulator. If you have a target CPA of $11.30, you tend to generate 280 conversions.

    In simple words you get to see how many of conversions you might have lost if you had lowered the target CPA and vice versa. This bidding tool is easily available to all the advertisers. You should know that both the bidding tools are now easily available worldwide on the web interface. The main aim of bidding tools is to maintain the performance. It also aims at boosting the conversions or revenue. You may surely want to utilize these tools for your next bidding!

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