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    Blogging Guidelines for SEO ACADEMY

    SEO ACADEMY marketers contribute valuable and honest content, which educates and motivates the readers to think differently. We welcome writer with a variety of skillets of a plethora of industries to come and share their testimonials with us and our esteemed readers.

    We encourage people to write on the lines of experience and share the rich experiences through their guest post submissions. Please reach out to us should you have any comments or questions or simply would like to learn more about the topics covered in SEO ACADEMY.

    Why should I to write for the SEO ACADEMY blog?

    Blogging for the SEO ACADEMY would facilitate you build a standing and supplement your specific career goals. This is not just an opportunity to write for a topic with your specialized domain knowledge but also an opportunity to become part of our well-knit “family.” Expect considerable exposure and a meritorious system of credibility. You would be able to reach out and connect with our team of bloggers should they like your post. Be part of our community, which is a very active and friendly team.

    Reasons to consider SEO ACADEMY :

    – Wide database of passionate subscribers
    – Many shares per blog post
    – Ever increasing social media followers across multiple platforms

    Authors regularly tell us their posts have helped them gain new clients, new job opportunities, media interviews, and additional exposure.

    What about the SEO ACADEMY’s audience?

    Our audience comprises of anyone who wishes to read and lean about the listed/available topics. The contents provide a knowledge based education platform to educate almost anyone who seeks to clarify concepts in and around content marketing.

    How can I write a good SEO ACADEMY post?

    Here are some tips:

    Our shared and posted blogs: This would help develop an understanding of what we publish.

    Understand us better: Contact us to understand our services or resolve and doubts.

    Provide a substantive core message: At the very heart of the article should be a core topic, which is, discussed, in detail. This is beyond the fluff of the introduction or the sidereal topics.

    Explain Your Points: Provide substantive proof for your suggestions and validate your findings. This would make it more believable.

    Elaborate Important Points: You should elaborate certain points well enough to create interest in the topic.

    Relevant Revelations: Provide a proper disclosure stating the necessary details of your relationship (if any) with people who may be associated with the topic or company that you are talking.

    Avoid Promoting Yourself: At all, costs you should refrain from promoting your own tool or firm in your post.  

    Citations for credit: Check all of your facts and cite your sources clearly.

    What topics is SEO ACADEMY looking for?

    Some such topics relate to:

    SEO Tips
    Link Building Strategies

    What are the steps to submitting a guest post to SEO ACADEMY?

    Want to write for the SEO Academy?

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